‘Sydney Spectaculars’ Not Providing Event News Until COVID-19 Pandemic Eased Enough To Guarantee NSW Public Health

Sydney Spectaculars prides itself on providing information on Sydney’s major pyrotechnic, light, projection and air events that allow visitors from all around the world to see Sydney in it’s most spectacular form in a safe way.

Since, at the heart of what we do is promote major events, we believe it is in the best interest of the public health of New South Wales if we stop providing news on Sydney’s events until the COVID-19 pandemic has eased enough to guarantee New South Wales’s public health.

This comes as NSW recorded 37,796 new cases in the past week (as of 2nd December) in what is New South Wales’ 4th wave. New South Wales Health officials have stated they expect this wave to be short and peak a lot earlier than previous waves. The increase in cases (currently 6,265 cases extra per week) is slowing down.

Regarding Sydney New Year’s Eve 2022, the event has not been affected as of writing. The City of Sydney is working with New South Wales Health & Ambulance to ensure a COVID-19-safe event. Like last year, most of the Sydney Harbour foreshore is ticketed as a COVID-19 precaution. As businesses are still recovering from the pandemic, Sydney New Year’s Eve spectators are encouraged to support local businesses on the night before heading to a vantage point to watch Calling Country and/or the Midnight Fireworks.

If you cannot attend the event. the official fireworks soundtrack radio broadcaster is KIIS 106.5 FM (from 6pm AEDT) and the official television/concert radio broadcaster is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (from 8:30pm AEDT on television, 9:15pm AEDT on radio). For the vision impaired, ABC will audio describe Calling Country and The Midnight Fireworks on the ABC Listen app.

For the rest of the news from the Sydney New Year’s Eve 2022 media launch, please click here. For information on any COVID-19 cases arising from attendances at any Sydney Spectaculars and future Sydney Spectacular news, please refer to the mainstream media.

Sydney Spectaculars, in the meantime, will focus on researching the history of these events and we will still update the site, when the events are held, to provide the ever popular event videos and information & for Sydney New Year’s Eve, the fireworks soundtrack listings. The Sydney New Year’s Eve 2022 page will be created throughout December.

We will just not provide news updates.

We have some exciting plans for the future including the unveiling of another new ‘Sydney Spectacular‘ but these will not be revealed until the COVID-19 pandemic has eased enough so the public health of New South Wales is guaranteed.

To stress, we are not waiting until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide event news updates. We are waiting until we believe the public health of New South Wales is protected enough from COVID-19. Then we will provide event news updates again.

Until next time…