Australia Day LIVE 2019

All with an asterix also feature John Foreman conducting the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Performances, except when stated, are held at either the Sydney Opera House Southern Forecourt main stage, the Sydney Opera House south-west podium or the Tallawoladah stage at Campbell’s Cove or both.

Welcome To Country

This was accompanied by a smoking ceremony, a giant puppet of a proud Indigenous woman called Marri Dyin and jet skiers riding into Circular Quay each alternatively holding either the Australian National or Aboriginal Flag.

  • Welcome To Country – Cecil McLeod, Russell Dawson, Rayma Johnson & Allen Madden featuring Jahmarley Dawson of Koomurri

Introduction Of Stars (Narrated by John Stanton)

This was accompanied by jet skiers circling out of Circular Quay each alternatively holding either the Australian National or Aboriginal Flag.

  • Countdown FanfareSydney Symphony Orchestra*

Opening Act

This was accompanied by flyboarders.

  • Good Times (Karise Eden featuring Harts & Junkyard Beats cover*) – The Easybeats

Introduction Of Hosts (John Foreman, Kate Cebrano, Jeremy Fernandez & Luke Carroll) & Interview With Witiyana Marika, Original Yothu Yindi Member (Conducted By Luke Carroll)

  • Buses & Trains (Anthony Callea cover*) – Bachelor Girl

Interview With Jenny Beach, Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Health Services General Manager & RFDS Patient Ambassador, Michelle Dowson (Conducted by Jeremy Fernandez)

Video about Australia’s Lizard Man, Bryan Bush & his interpretation of Australia

  • Can’t Touch It – Ricki-Lee Coulter*

Video about proud Australian John Niyera’s inspiring story

The Sydney Harbour Bridge lighting display began at this point and was synchronised to the music.

Interview with the 2019 Australians Of The Year, Dr Richard Harris SC OAM & Dr Craig Challen SC OAM (Conducted By Jeremy Fernandez)

Tug & Yacht Ballet

This was accompanied by flyboarders, jet skiers circling near the Circular Quay ferry wharves, 4 ferries circling in front of the western sails of the Sydney Opera House and a Hercules C-130 flying east over Sydney Harbour conducting a flare dispense drop over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to begin the fireworks that conclude the segment.

  • In The Hall Of The Mountain King – Edvard Grieg* *** CIRCULAR QUAY & YACHT FIREWORKS***

Video about the birthplace of the Australian poet, Henry Lawson: Grenfell, New South Wales and the poet’s legacy on the town

  • Take Me Back (Jon Stevens* cover) – Noiseworks

Video of Australia Day In Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne & Darwin highlights (narrated live by Jeremy Fernandez)

Video about Australian Citizenship

A lighting display on the western platform of the Sydney Opera House (spotlights) and down the edge of the Overseas Passenger Terminal (spotlights pointing in the sky equally spaced in threes at different points) started at this point.

  • Healing Hands – Conrad Sewell*

Sunset Ceremony

  1. Djäpana (Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project cover) – Yothu Yindi ***OVERSEAS PASSENGER TERMINAL, CAMPBELL’S COVE & JET-SKI FIREWORKS***
  2. Treaty (Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project cover*) – Yothu Yindi ***CIRCULAR QUAY & JET-SKI FIREWORKS***

Djapana was accompanied by a giant puppet of a proud Indigenous woman called Marri Dyin & Indigenous dance performance at Campbells’ Cove. The vessels north of Circular Quay lit up at this point and are synchronised to the music from this point on. Treaty was also accompanied by Indigenous performances at the Sydney Opera House southern forecourt’s main stage and flamethrowers were introduced behind the stages at this point.

Interview with Katina Olsen from Erth Visual & Physical (Conducted By Luke Carroll)

Video about Australia’s creativity

  • Kids (Ricki-Lee Coulter & Anthony Callea cover*) – Kylie Minogue & Robbie Williams

Video about Tamworth, New South Wales

Tribute To The Sydney Opera House

  • Nessun Dorma (Josh Piterman featuring the Conservatorium High School Chamber Choir & The Macabellas cover*) – Giacomo Puccini ***SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE, CIRCULAR QUAY, OVERSEAS PASSENGER TERMINAL, JET-SKI & KITE FIREWORKS***

Nessun Dorma was accompanied by yachts parading towards Circular Quay in blue with white fairy lights attached as well as darkened jet skis circling the fireworks barge with kites of strips of white rope light.

Video about Aboriginal place names

  • Solid Rock (Harts featuring Jahmarley Dawson of Koomurri cover*) – Goanna

Video about proud Australian, Leon Bozanich of Greenbushes, Western Australia

  • Brave – Kate Cebrano*
  • Burn For You (Jon Stevens & Kate Cebrano cover*) – INXS

Video about proud Australian, Danielle Shine of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Circular Quay Party

  • Affirmation (Anthony Callea cover*) – Savage Garden ***CIRCULAR QUAY, YACHT & FLYBOARDER FIREWORKS***

Affirmation was accompanied by a parade of lit vessels.

Video about proud Australian, Karen Brooks of Deloraine, Tasmania

Interview with the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian (Conducted by Jeremy Fernandez)

***Spectacular Finale***

This featured flyboarders & fireworks from the Sydney Opera House, Overseas Passenger Terminal, a barge in Circular Quay, 10 jet-skis riding towards Circular Quay and 7 yachts in front of the Sydney Opera House.

  • ? – Sydney Symphony Orchestra* featuring Junkyard Beats (holding flaming drumsticks)
  • Boys In Town (Kate Cebrano & Karise Eden cover*) – Divinyls
  • Firestone (Conrad Sewell cover*) – Kygo featuring Conrad Sewell
  • Touch (Jon Stevens cover*) – Noiseworks
  • It’s A Long Way To The Top (Anthony Callea & Ricki-Lee Coulter featuring Harts cover) – AC/DC

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the national anthem.

John Stanton
  • Yirribana Australiagal (The Conservatorium High School Chamber Choir, The Macabellas & Koomurri cover*) – Uncle Clarence Stockee & The Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council 
  • Advance Australia Fair (Australia Day LIVE 2019 cast featuring the Royal Australian Navy Band Sydney: Fanfare Team cover*) – Peter Dodds McCormack (National Australia Day Council version)

Concluding Act

  • I Am Australian (Australia Day LIVE 2019 cast (not featuring the Royal Australian Navy Band Sydney: Fanfare Team) cover*) – Bruce Woodley & Dobe Newton

I Am Australian was accompanied by a lit vessel parade heading towards Circular Quay on the western side with the 10 yachts, now with a stationary red flare lit on them, leading.