• Producer: Destination New South Wales
  • Creative Director: Ignatius Jones
  • Vivid Light Curator: Lucy Keeler
  • Vivid Music Curator: Stephen Ferris
    • Vivid LIVE At The Sydney Opera House Curator: Ben Marshall
  • Vivid Ideas Curator: Tory Loudon
  • Sustainability Partner: Banksia Foundation & Informed 365
  • Access & Inclusion Partner: Cushman & Wakefield
  • Charity Partner: The Royal Flying Doctor Service, South Eastern Section
  • Ticketing Partner: Eventbrite

After The Cure was announced as an act for Vivid LIVE At The Sydney Opera House on Monday the 19th of February 2019 (tickets for those performances very quickly sold out), Vivid Sydney had it’s main media launch on Tuesday the 19th of February 2019 at 11:30am.

It is to be held from Friday the 24th of May to Saturday the 15th of June 2019.

Vivid School was introduced this year. It is to assist high school students in years 9-12 to learn more about the creative processes involved in imagining, designing and delivering light-based artworks for this huge global event.

According to Vivid Sydney’s Executive Producer, Sandra Chipchase:

“This initiative will enable students and their teachers to meet the professionals behind Vivid Sydney’s iconic building projections and light walk installations, and to hear from artists, designers and technicians about their career paths and how they harnessed opportunities to build their skills for future projects and employment”

Vivid Light


More than 3 kilometres in length and according to Vivid Light Curator, Lucy Keeler, “There will be no one-way walking system this year”. Whilst one-way walking systems do help to deal with crowd flow (They have been used to great effect at Taronga Zoo & Royal Botanic Gardens for Vivid Sydney in the past & will be used at those places again in the upcoming edition but Vivid Light‘s attempt last year to do the same was poorly promoted, designed terribly (Trying to fit large crowds to go down laneways is not a good idea – extreme risk of crowd crush), featured security personnel who took their job a bit too seriously & made compulsory for both Vivid Sydney visitors and people who weren’t visiting Vivid Sydney despite the event being held in public space. Whilst we expect crowd numbers to be even further down this year, without a properly promoted, designed & managed one-way walking system, we believe crowds will be back to their usual nature at 2016 attendance levels (but not as badly crowd managed as 2016).

  • Eora: Broken Spear (Sydney Harbour Bridge South-Eastern Pylon – projections by Rhoda Roberts AO & The Electric Canvas)
  • Let It Snow (Hickson Road Reserve)
  • Ballerina (Campbells’ Cove)
  • (Argyle Cut)
  • Watch your chips! (The Rocks)
  • Nostalgia Above (The Rocks)
  • Let Me Down (Museum Of Contemporary Art Australia – projections by Claudia Nicholson & Spinfex Group, soundtrack by Lonelyspeck)
  • (Foundation Hall) (new location)
  • Regal Peacock (First Fleet Park)
  • Under The Harbour (Customs House – projections by Spinfex Group)
  • Lighting Of The Sails: Austral Flora Ballet (Sydney Opera House – projections by Andrew Thomas Huang)
  • Firefly Field (Royal Botanic Gardens)
  • KA3323 (Royal Botanic Gardens)
  • I Hear You (But Do You Hear Me?) (Royal Botanic Gardens)

Lights For The Wild (Taronga Zoo)

This year, they have added Sumatran Tiger Cub lanterns marking the birth of 3
new tiger cubs at the Zoo & highlighting the Zoo’s commitment to conservation.

Mirrors/Co-Existence/Digital Odyssey/Meditation/Spark/Reverie/Unfold (Chatswood projections by Limelight):


  • Winter Camp featuring Marri Dyin (Great Woman) (Exchange Place)

Darling Harbour

  • Robot SPACELand
  • Tumbalong Lights (Tumblalong Park)
    • playSPACE
    • Under the Milky Sky
    • Spaceballs
    • See What I See

Low-sensory sessions will be catered for too at Tumbalong Lights, which is Vivid Sydney’s “inclusive playground”, which is held with the support of their Access & Inclusion Partner, Cushman & Wakefield.

Vivid Music

Vivid LIVE At The Sydney Opera House

Keaton Henson’s Six Lethargies is divided up into 6 parts, representing different chronological stages and manifestations of trauma as Henson understands them: the initial feelings that your brain is turning on you; the middle stages of anxiety; depression; and then a final moment of relief, of letting go. As the audience’s anxiety grows, so too the lighting became more anxiety-inducing, creating a feedback loop.


  • Vince Jones
  • Lisa Fischer
  • Willoughby Symphony Orchestra

Vivid Ideas