LIVE BLOG: Sydney NYE2015 – ‘City Of Colour’ Media Launch

10:45am AEDT – That concludes our relatively small live blog. Stay tuned for a formal post at approximately 2pm.

10:20am AEDT – Media Launch finished after more speeches from numerous people. Big news out of this – The hangers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge return to the Midnight Fireworks after 12 years and this year’s Bridge Effect is the Sydney Harbour Bridge itself through the use of a light show featuring powerful searchlights!

10:00am AEDT – Now beginning. Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, now speaking.

9:45am AEDT – Media Launch about to commence.

0:00am AEDT: Join us here from 9:45am AEDT, Monday the 14th of December 2015 as the Sydney NYE2015 – ‘City Of Colour’ Media Launch takes place!

“The greatest lighting mystery since the Millennium” will start to be solved as we prepare for the revealing of what we think could be the most iconic edition of the event sinchie the Millennium.

Will there be a Bridge Effect? If not, how will the Bridge be lit up instead? Are there any more surprises in store? These questions about the “Sydney Harbour Bridge effects” as well as more announcements about the fireworks and creative content will be answered and revealed on the stroke of 10am Sydney time.

A formal post will be posted at approximately 2pm AEDT.

Note: Pending internet reception

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