Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese Thinks It Is “Problematic” Holding Sydney NYE2019 With Rapidly Worsening Bushfire Emergency

Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has today stated he believed it is “problematic” that Sydney New Year’s Eve 2019 is being held while bushfires are burning around the country and at an escalating rate today.

For our international readers, Anthony Albanese is a member of the Labor Party. He is a Sydneysider located near some official Sydney NYE vantage points & events.

Today was forecasted to have severe (67%) fire danger in Sydney while other places in Australia are having worse levels of fire danger. A total fire ban has been enforced until Midnight in Sydney. Labor Party seats on a Federal level (down in south-eastern New South Wales) have seen the worst bushfire conditions today.

Sydney New Year’s Eve 2019 has an exemption to the total fire ban for it’s fireworks (except Midnight). Whilst the Midnight Fireworks are not yet affected by a total fire ban, there are still on for now with any total fire ban to be issued this afternoon.

The air quality has plummetted again in Sydney today. It is definitely worse than usual and is the worst air quality since NYE2001, when the event was in a similar situation due to the Black Christmas fires.