Glittering Sydney NYE2016 Website Revealed

The Sydney NYE2016 website was revealed today with less than 4 months to go. It is roughly the same design as last year’s website but it incorporates this year’s artwork for the event. The event’s logo was already revealed last month when ABC announced their ‘Design Your Own Firework‘ competition in conjunction with the City Of Sydney but was very small & in low picture quality.

Now with the full, large & high quality artwork available to view, we can see it in it’s full glory. It is very glittery & features many Sydney/Australian imagery such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, city buildings, flora, fauna, various types of ice cream & a bicycle.

Despite more detail from the artwork, which is a strong clue to the theme of this year’s event, the updated website does not confirm the event’s theme. Where we found confirmation of last year’s theme, ‘City Of Colour‘, only had this written:


A special moment in time

SydNYE is a globally recognised event that lies in wait for one very special moment in time.

As anticipation builds for the clock to strike 12, it’s a destination where the people come together to elevate the city to the best version it can possibly be: connected, alive, and energised by the unlimited possibilities of a new tomorrow and the new year.

It’s a place the captures the imagination, draws us home and throws open its arms to guests from all over the world with the harbour at its heart, and enriches us all with its unique and diverse surrounds. Year after year, it is the birthplace of wondrous new memories that will stay with us for a lifetime.

This is a very elaborate explaining of what New Year’s Eve is and how special it is to celebrate it in Sydney. It may provide a clue to the theming but due to how generic it is, it should be read with caution in case there are no longer themes of the event due to possibly no more Bridge Effects.

But that shouldn’t be a reason to worry about the event’s future as most years the theme isn’t confirmed until early December. It is usually just small clues revealed until then.

The website also confirms the event program. It is roughly the same as last year but with 3 differences:

  • Welcome To Country will this year be held at 8:38pm,
  • The theme of the Welcome To Country is ‘Walking On Country‘ and,
  • The Harbour Of Light Parade will feature white ropelight

The Sydney Opera House is still a part of the Midnight Fireworks by the way.

The white ropelight of the Harbour Of Light Parade may be a small clue to the theming too – after all, the vessels are usually given a creative brief when they bid to be a part of the Parade.

Lastly, 104.1 2DayFM is confirmed to be the radio broadcaster of the 9pm Family & Midnight Fireworks soundtracks. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) television coverage will be on ABC1 while internet streaming will be via ABC iView (which I think is the 1st time in the event’s history) & again, Sydney NYE’s website (very likely to be a embed of ABC iView’s live stream).

The latter begs the question (which we won’t find out till mid-December for sure) – is Telstra no longer producing YouTube live streams? Telstra dramatically reduced it’s content in last year’s live stream and in recent months, removed archived Sydney NYE live streams – a pattern that seems to be becoming a trend.

Telstra may still be sponsoring the event in regards to the smartphone application but again, we won’t find out for sure until around early December.

More importantly for our international readers, if there is no Telstra YouTube stream,will ABC drop it’s geoblock for the night allowing viewing worldwide?

This year’s event seems to be bringing more questions than usual (and we thought last year involved a lot of speculation!).

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