Fireworks Building – ‘MSB Tower’ – Recommended For Demolition

The heritage listed MSB Tower, used for pyrotechnics during Sydney New Year’s Eve 2012 – ‘Embrace’, has been recommended to be demolished by  the Barangaroo Delivery Authority as part of altered redevelopment plans for a park.

Standing at 87 metres tall, it served as Sydney Harbour’s control tower between 1974 and 2011 after which the operations conducted inside the tower were moved to Botany Bay. In 2012, it featured for the first and only time during the 9pm Family and Midnight Fireworks for Sydney New Year’s Eve 2012 – ‘Embrace’. This year will be the tower’s 40th anniversary.

The MSB Tower is ideally located on Sydney Harbour providing a panoramic view around Sydney Harbour – perfect for operating Sydney Harbour – so since it is no longer used for that purpose, ideas for keeping the tower have made including converting it into a restaurant or a museum. It can even be used as a special vantage point for Sydney Harbour pyrotechnic displays (as well as continuing to be used as a firing location for Sydney Harbour pyrotechnic displays).

The MSB Tower was originally supposed to be part of their redevelopment plans for a park but after finding that the demolition of the MSB Tower will be cheaper to do than keeping it even for worthy reasons such as the ideas listed earlier, the Barangaroo Delivery Authority have decide to recommend to the NSW Government to approve the MSB Tower’s demolition.

A planning application for the MSB Tower’s demolition is currently being prepared.


Relive the MSB Tower’s pyrotechnic appearance in Sydney New Year’s Eve 2012 – ‘Embrace”s 9pm Family and Midnight Fireworks below (It is the most northern used building in the two pyrotechnic displays):