Shows this year's Sydney NYE artwork


  • Organiser/Event Creative Director: City Of Sydney
  • Visual Identity/Artwork Creators: Garbett Design
  • Fireworks Provider: Foti International Fireworks
  • Fireworks Soundtrack Producer: Dan Murphy
  • Radio Broadcaster: KIIS 1065 (fireworks soundtracks) & ABC Radio (concert)
  • Television/Internet Broadcaster: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Television/Internet Broadcast Host: Charlie Pickering & Zan Rowe
  • Charity Partner: Refugee Council Of Australia

Theme/Firework Details

This is the 1st year since 1995 that has not featured a theme. It will remain like this until 2021 with nearly the same artwork featured until then. 100,000 individual pyrotechnic effects will feature in the 9pm Family Fireworks, Calling Country & Midnight Fireworks together.

NSW Bushfires (Mid-November to Present)

Bushfires in New South Wales started in early September, unusually early, given the bushfire season is usually considered to start in October.  At the time of writing, there has not been a single day since without a significant bushfire burning somewhere in New South Wales.


In mid-November, due to the bushfire emergency, numerous petitions were started in favour of cancelling this edition and shifting the budget to bushfire & drought relief. Signatures mostly occurred after controversy arose at around 10pm on the 13th of November due to a spectacular fireworks display being held on Sydney Harbour (1 barge in Farm Cove) as part of a corporate function for air conditioning company, Daikan. It was held with a legal exemption from a total fire ban, in a very high fire danger warning period, a day after Sydney’s first ever ‘Catastrophic’ fire danger warning (a new system introduced in 2009 following Black Saturday). The display was done by Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics. The signatures kept on coming for 4 more days due to media coverage of the petitions.

The Donation Appeal

On the 18th Of November, the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, announced a bushfire/drought donation appeal will be held as part of this year’s Sydney NYE edition:

The Australian Red Cross will be an official partner in the appeal. As of 3rd December, 2 petitions contained about 35,000 signatures each.

The Megafire

Between the 4th & 9th of December, 6 to 8 bushfires to the northwest of Sydney combined to form a megafire the size of Sydney itself. During this period, signatures on the petitions went from 40,000 to 80,000.

On the 10th of December, the petitions went from 80,000 to 150,000 signatures in 12 hours, when Sydney’s air quality plummeted to a hazardous level of an index of 2200 due to smoke from the megafire. Normal air quality is at an index of 60 or lower. As of 12th December, 2 petitions (here and here) contain about 175,000 signatures each.

The Event

Pre-Show Entertainment begins at 7pm this year, an hour later than last year. This means an aerial display by Matt Hall won’t open the event but the arrival of the Fire Tug will. The decision was made as part of a “creative review”.

Artist Impression: City Of Sydney

An attempt to create the brightest lighting beam in the southern hemisphere for the first time will begin at 8:30pm. It is “a series of high output, low power light sources on the Harbour Bridge that will link up to create a stunning beam shooting up into the sky”. It will mainly be on the eastern (Opera House) side.


9pm Family Fireworks – Circus & Calling Country

Fireworks to feature could include:

  • The ABC’s Design Your Own Firework competition firework display (definitely will feature)
  • Colour changing stars
  • Stained glass designed shells
  • Glittering willow effects
  • ‘Pyrograms’ producing 2D shapes.

During Calling Country, Lord Mayor Clover Moore will be presented with a symbolic message stick to accept on behalf of Sydney residents and visitors.

Party Of The Decades Concert

A ticket ballot was held between 23 & 29 November.

Huh, why is this here? As in 2017 & 2018,  it is expected the lighting display on the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be synchronized to nearly all the music of the Concert. The Concert is also broadcast on ABC Radio so tune in by the Harbour to get the full party experience!

This year’s concert will feature songs from the 1960’s to the present, probably in chronological order.

Artists announced as of 23rd November 2019:

  • Casey Donovan
  • Phil Jamieson
  • Kate Miller-Heidke
  • Vika and Linda Bull
  • Angie Hart
  • Mojo Juju
  • Adrian Eagle

Midnight Fireworks

The Midnight Fireworks soundtrack will feature only Australian music this year.  Fireworks to feature could include:

  • “Pyro mine letters spelling out ‘Sydney’ will fall from the bridge as we countdown to midnight (definitely will feature)
  • Colour changing stars
  • Stained glass designed shells
  • Glittering willow effects
  • ‘Pyrograms’ producing 2D shapes.

Fired from Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, 3 barges in the west, 3 barges in the east and a barge in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.