Watch LIVE

Can’t make it to Sydney for New Year’s Eve/Australia Day Live/Vivid? We’ve got you covered.


Below is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation‘s live YouTube stream. If you cannot view it outside of Australia, please let us know:

Look at the below streams to watch major fireworks displays & projection shows live from Sydney Harbour!

Look at the ‘Spectacular Countdown’ widgets under the menu on the left to see when the next ‘Spectacular’ is.

Australia Day In Sydney 2022 – Reflect. Respect. Celebrate.

Australia Day Address (12:30pm, January 19 2022)

WugulOra Morning Ceremony (7:30am to 8:30am AEDT)

10K Wheelchair Race (8am To 10:30am AEDT)

Click here to watch it live. The race is also live streamed on Facebook. Race begins at 9am. National anthem at 8:45am and athletes introduced at 8:54am.

Salute To Australia (11:30am To 12:10pm AEDT)

Australia Day LIVE (7:30pm to 9:30pm AEDT)

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