Opera House Turns Gold For Diwali

The iconic sails of the Sydney Opera House tonight turned gold to mark the most widely celebrated Hindu festival, Diwali.

New South Wales (NSW) Premier, Gladys Berejiklian & Minister For Multiculturalism, Ray Williams, hosted a community reception at the Museum Of Contemporary Art to celebrate the occasion.

“Tonight, we mark an occasion which brings millions of people in Australia & around the world together by lighting the sails of Australia’s most iconic institution” Miss Berejiklian said.

“The lighting of the Sydney Opera House signifies the ancient tradition of lighting ceremonial lamps at this time, marking the eternal triumph of light over darkness”

“More and more Diwali is marked by all the communities across NSW & is one of the most celebrated and anticipated events in our multicultural calendar”

Diwali is a significant time when Indian & South Asian communities light diyas or ceremonial lamps which symbolise lifting of spiritual darkness & new beginnings.

Mister (Mr) Williams said Diwali was a time for all members of our communities to reflect on the rich cultural diversity of our state.

“The NSW Government appreciates & recognises the outstanding contribution of the Indian and South Asian community in our state” Mr Williams said.

Diwali’s central message is universal & inspires confidence and joy in our collective future as the people of NSW”

The sails of the Sydney Opera House lit up for Diwali on Tuesday the 17th of October with the support of the NSW Government.

Media Release: NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian

Spotlight: ‘Vivid Sydney’ Celebrates The Grit & Glitter Of Kings Cross

Masses of music, cult films, mysteries & tales from the underbelly

Buckle up & get ready to paint the town red when Kings Cross is celebrated as a pulsating centre of performance art, immersive theatre, avant-cabaret, music, cult films & nostalgic talking heads as part of Vivid Sydney 2017.

Vivid Sydney Creative Director, Ignatius Jones, said: “For the 1st time, Kings Cross will be an exciting precinct that includes all Vivid Sydney pillars of light, music & ideas called Vivid KX. It is a wonderful mix of genres, theatre, performance, story-telling and light art & it celebrates exactly what makes Kings Cross so special – diversity, creativity, equality & community”

Vivid KX will explore the bohemian underworlds that gave ‘The Cross’ its unique DNA through a genre-bending performance program; pop-up cinema screening the strangest, craziest & best in Australian film & raw and riveting talks of the days of the ‘Golden Mile’.

For the 1st time at Kings Cross, the Coca-Cola billboard will come alive to celebrate the talent, colour, creativity & diversity of Kings Cross. Shot by portrait photographer Katherine Williams, the Characters Of Kings Cross series will feature moving black & white portraits of the individuals that make Kings Cross so special. The projected images will feature on the left-hand side of the sign & will include familiar faces such as Kylie Kwong along with other Kings Cross locals.

The famous Coca-Cola light-emitting diode billboard will for the 1st time in 40 years transform into a continuous light show of vibrant colours & special effects for the entire 23 nights of Vivid Sydney.

Other Vivid KX program highlights include:

  • Welcome To Kings Cross: A dancefloor-driven adventure through diverse genres, eras, movements & vibrant late-night culture in a full-venue experience over 6 floors featuring dozens of disc jockeys (DJs) & one-off performances.
    When: 27th of May
    Where: Kings Cross Hotel
  • Cult Sinema Australiana: Discover the stories behind the stories when Sydney’s cultural underground legends Jay Katz & Miss Death present a subversive program of infamous, legendary & rarely seen cinematic gems in a pop-up cinema including insights & rare commentary from geniuses who created the weird, ultra-camp & high-art masterpieces.
    When: 1st to the 17th of June
    Where: Kings Cross Hotel
  • Murder On The Dancefloor: Who dunnit? Go on a murder mystery tour with this theatrical cocktail-culinary experience. There will be grisly projections & music curated by Australia’s 1st lady of house music, DJ Kate Monroe & a menu of fabulous food and creepy cocktails designed to match the murderous action.
    When: 16th of June
    Where: Crane Bar, Darlinghurst
  • Only Heaven Knows: This beloved musical set in bohemian Kings Cross in the 1940’s & 50’s tells of a young gay man’s discovery of love & life, which, in the heady freedom of the post-war day, is rudely interrupted with the cold winds of intolerance.
    When: 26th of May to the 17th of June
    Where: Hayes Theatre, Potts Point
  • Basement Parties: A daring program of 9 unique, immersive parties in Kings Cross Hotel’s intimate Dive Bar. Bands, DJs, dancers, singers & performers will celebrate something different each night – from glam rock to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.
    When: 1st to the 17th of June
    Where: Kings Cross Hotel
  • Hidden Sydney – The Glittering Mile: A wonderfully witty, exceptionally exhilarating cabaret set in a former brothel dedicated to the cast of colourful characters who made the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s the ‘Golden Age Of The Cross’ from standover men, crims & crooks to poets, drag queens, witches & eccentric entertainers.
    When: 26th of May to the 17th of June
    Where: The World Bar
  • Kings Bloody Cross: Discover the grit behind the glitz in these fascinating ‘in conversation’ events. Hear from real-life luminaries, artists, idealists and opportunists who made Kings Cross what it was & lived to tell their tales from the heady days of rock ’n’ roll, free love & corruption to sex, greed & politics.
    When: 27th to the 28th of May, 3rd to the 4th of June, 10th to the 11th of June
    Where: The World Bar & The Wayside Chapel

Now in its 9th year, Vivid Sydney is a major celebration of the creative industries & is owned, managed and produced by Destination New South Wales (NSW), the NSW Government’s tourism & major events agency. Vivid Sydney will run from the 26th of May to the 17th of June 2017.

For more details & to book tickets, visit https://www.vividsydney.com/precinct/kings-cross. Coca-Cola is a proud Vivid Precinct Contributor for the Vivid KX program.

Media Release: Vivid Sydney

Sydney Spectaculars – Season 2016!

Want to see Sydney in all it’s glory? Check out our 2016 season of ‘Sydney Spectaculars’! Here is what is happening so far this year:

26 January 2016 – Australia Day In Sydney

A day to celebrate the cultures of the Australian continent with many events throughout the day from ocean swims and indigenous ceremonies to concerts and wheelchair races – this is the day Sydney shines. This year will feature 3 pyrotechnic displays (the most since 1989) at locations around Sydney Harbour such as Darling Harbour, Circular Quay & off Bradley’s Head. If you’re not in Sydney, you can watch ‘Australia Day 2016 – Live At Sydney Opera House’ (which could feature the Circular Quay fireworks)live on Channel Ten from 7:30pm AEDT* on Australia Day!

5 February 2016 To 5 March 2016 – Month Of Love

‘Loved-Up’ Fireworks light up Darling Harbour every Saturday night while events with a love theme make the month-long event ‘lovely’ in Darling Harbour!

6–21 February 2016 – Chinese New Year

In an historic first, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay Railway Station, Sydney Town Hall and the Capitol Theatre will all be illuminated red to mark Chinese New Year and to welcome the Year Of The Monkey. Check out the new ‘Lunar Lanterns’ placed around the city too. A small fireworks display on 6 February near Dawes Point will coincide with the switching on of the red lighting of the iconic Sydney structures to welcome in the new Chinese year!

19 March 2016 – Earth Hour

Created in Sydney, Earth Hour now occurs around the world. This ‘spectacular’ sees the lights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House turn off for 1 hour to convey a practical message on the environment. Head down to the Sydney Harbour foreshore and have a candle-lit picnic or attend one of the organised Earth Hour events around Sydney! If you’re not in Sydney, participate at home by turning your lights off for 1 hour at 8:30pm!

24 March 2016 to April 24 2016 – Handa Opera On Sydney Harbour: ‘Turandot’

A temporary open air opera theatre on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour with the iconic view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House in the background. With dazzling sets, a performance worthy of a standing ovation and a spectacular fireworks display to top it off, this is a once in a lifetime experience for anyone but spaces are limited so book your tickets now!

27 May 2016 to 13 June 2016 – Vivid Sydney

Famous for their Sydney Opera House projection shows, the LED light show on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the many projection shows and light displays on the ‘Light Walk’, Vivid Sydney is now just as big as Sydney NYE. 2016 will see the introduction of the Royal Botanic Gardens into the festivities for the 1st time as a nod to the 200th anniversary of the Royal Botanic Gardens. Also featuring live music and creative industry events, this is a once in a lifetime experience for anyone from outside of Sydney.

Darling Harbour usually also features a special pyrotechnic/laser/projection/water show frequently throughout Vivid Sydney but this is not confirmed yet.

2-17 July 2016 – Cool Yule

Darling Harbour transforms into a snowy wonderland while ‘Frosty’ Fireworks light up the night sky each Saturday night!

21 October 2016 – Sydney Opera House Diwali Spectacular

Watch the Sydney Opera House light up in yellow/orange/golden colours to celebrate Diwali!

26 November 2016 to 25 December 2016 – Sydney Christmas/Santa Fest

Featuring projections in Martin Place and on St Mary’s Cathedral & the Sydney Town Hall, Sydney Christmas brings the spirit of Christmas to Sydney in truly spectacular style. Check out the lighting ceremony of the massive interactive Christmas Tree in Martin Place, which features fireworks, for a truly magical night! Maybe Santa Claus will turn up? Darling Harbour also has Christmas-themed events including fireworks as part of their ‘Santa Fest’.

31 December 2016/1 January 2017 – Sydney New Year’s Eve

The grand finale of ‘Sydney Spectaculars’ – the original, biggest and best – Sydney NYE, the world’s biggest annual and most technologically advanced fireworks displays in the world! Without a doubt, this is a once in a lifetime experience for anyone from outside of Sydney.

That is all?

No! Many other ‘Sydney Spectaculars’ may occur throughout the year such as more Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge pylon projection shows but these other ‘Sydney Spectaculars’ are usually announced with short notice so keep an eye out on our blog if one gets announced unexpectedly!

What if there is no ‘Spectacular’ on when I visit?

Pyrotechnic displays frequently occur on Sydney Harbour so check our countdowns on the side of our blog to check when the next one is and where the most iconic view of the display is! Darling Harbour has general fireworks every Saturday night when they don’t have a ‘Spectacular’ on.

*Check your local guides for broadcast times outside of New South Wales.

Why #SydNYE 2015 – ‘City Of Colour’ Will Be The Most Iconic Since The Millennium

It has taken 2 years again but the revolution has arrived…

Every year, you hear it’s ‘bigger and better’ and most years the general public is like ‘they always say that and it’s still the same.’ The problem is is that it IS always getting bigger and better. Here’s a comparison:


  • 2 barges and no Sydney Harbour Bridge usage during the 9pm Family Fireworks
  • 4 barges, rows of ground display pontoons and Sydney Harbour Bridge usage during the Midnight Fireworks
  • Only 1 Sydney Harbour Bridge sequence during the middle of the Midnight Fireworks
  • Parts of Sydney Harbour Bridge used: Upper arch, middle arch, catwalk and outer roadways.


  • 4 barges and Sydney Harbour Bridge usage during the 9pm Family Fireworks
  • 6 major barges, 1 minor barge, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House usage during the Midnight Fireworks
  • Nearly non-stop Sydney Harbour Bridge sequences during the middle of the Midnight Fireworks
  • Parts of Sydney Harbour Bridge used: Upper arch, middle arch, catwalk, lower hangers & inner and outer roadways.

The 2005 display was the 1st 12 minute display and it is still the same duration in 2015. Had the pylons and upper hangers been included in this year’s Midnight Fireworks, it would have been the 1st time in history that all parts of the Sydney Harbour Bridge have been used for pyrotechnics.

As you can see, the display has increased dramatically in size despite perceptions it is still the same as in 1988 (many people who witnessed the 1988 Australia Day display say nothing has yet to top it in size but after watching the footage, the display is actually ‘tiny’ compared to today’s standards). Goes to show how much Sydney Harbour fireworks have changed in 25 years! What would it be like in 25 years time? It is anyone’s guess!

2 years before 1988, in 1986, the Royal Australian Navy put on a fireworks display which saw the first usage of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for pyrotechnics. It was also the debut of the now iconic ‘golden waterfall’ effect. The Navy set the standard – a revolution – which became iconic & mainstream 2 years later in 1988 with the earlier-mentioned 1988 Australia Day display.

Fast forward to 2013 and the Royal Australian Navy raised the bar to extraordinary levels once again with the International Fleet Review Spectacular. Reviews of that display included that it was ‘different and better to NYE’ especially with the inclusion of a narrative. It was also the first combined pyrotechnic-projection-light-soundtrack show on Sydney Harbour. So again 2 years later, in 2015, we expected another revolution and it has now arrived.

  • 1st Combined Pyrotechnic/Projection/Light/Soundtrack #SydNYE 9pm Family & Midnight Fireworks

The media (as well as the organisers) have been focusing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s increased pyrotechnic usage, which unfortunately is the story they produce each year so perception it will be the same will remain but it won’t be the same it will be better with the inclusion of a synchronised projection show (like during the International Fleet Review Spectacular) during the 9pm Family and Midnight Fireworks for the 1st time. The Sydney Opera House won’t be used for projections but the pylons will be so keep a close eye on them. It is expected the pylon projections will be of a kaleidoscopic nature (similar to this year’s logo) rather than detailing a narrative.

Other than the International Fleet Review Spectacular, only during Sydney NYE2008 – ‘Creation”s Acknowledgement Of Country ceremony, has Sydney NYE seen a combined projection/pyrotechnic/soundtrack show – photos of Australian landscapes were projected on the pylons as flares fired from the Bridge & barges to Geoffery Gurrumul Yunupingu’s song ‘Bapa’. A very moving, iconic and emotional display.

  • Welcome To Country

The Sydney NYE2008 – ‘Creation”s Acknowledgement Of Country ceremony will be outdone this year. Rhoda Roberts created the display in 2008 and she returns this year after a 4 year absence to create a very moving ‘Welcome To Country’ ceremony. As the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons light up with projections, watch the Sydney Harbour Bridge turn into a giant Aboriginal flag through pyrotechnics including the first use of the hangers since 2003!

  • The Hangers Return

They have been used once in 2003 in spectacular fashion and are set for a possible rare encore. The hangers will see a ‘wall’ of fireworks shooting outwards onto the Harbour from the Bridge. They will first feature in the ‘Welcome To Country’ at 8:40pm as part of a massive pyrotechnic depiction of the Aboriginal flag before appearing in iconic style during the Midnight Fireworks!

See the video below at 14:40 to see what I mean!

  • Possible Return Of The ‘Stripy Torrent’ Waterfall

This would be a real secret if this comes true but without a Bridge Effect this year, there is more chance than ever that we could see the return of the ‘stripy torrent’ waterfall of the 2004 event (see beginning of the video below). A multi-coloured waterfall has already been confirmed for the 9pm Family Fireworks (and hopefully it doesn’t fire like it did during the 2011 event when the purple section failed to fire though Photoshop soon fixed that).

  • A Light Show As A Bridge Effect

It’s been done once before too in 2003 in the similarly themed and fashioned ‘City Of Light’ Sydney NYE event but this light show will run DURING the Midnight Fireworks rather than at the end creating probably the best party atmosphere ever to hit Sydney Harbour! All you need is that fireworks soundtrack to get the tunes pumping!

See the video below at 16:05 to see what I mean!

  • The Fireworks Soundtrack

What songs and artists will this year’s fireworks soundtracks contain? Well we still don’t know. It’s NYE and nothing about the fireworks soundtracks content has been revealed, which is the element of the event this year that ties the fireworks, lights and projections all together. It is surely the unsung hero of the event and after the fireworks display itself, we find most people want to know what the music was accompanying it – particularly with a global audience of 1 billion people. Either way, the fireworks look better when you don’t know the nature of the music that is going to be played  – it makes the display more dramatic, magical, adventurous and celebratory. All we know so far is that the producer of the fireworks soundtracks this year is Alex Gooden and it will be synchronised to the lights and projections as well. But if the previous 4 years are anything to go by, the fireworks soundtrack listings will be released after the event and we will publish those listings.

  • Biggest Sydney Harbour Bridge Fireworks Display Yet

And last but not least, the most obvious reason –  this year’s display will have the most fireworks on the Sydney Harbour Bridge ever. For Australians, if you look at Channel Nine’s National Nine News, in the background you can see the fireworks on the catwalk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and trust me, there is HEAPS more fireworks there than usual this year. Sure to be a cracker of a display (pun intended)!

…but now, in 2016, will it stay like this and will the traditional Bridge Effect return?

New Year’s Eve Projections For Sydney Looking Good

Stunning new footage of Sydney Harbour, the city’s iconic beaches & animals from Taronga Zoo will be beamed onto the pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of Sydney New Year’s Eve 2015 – ‘City Of Colour’.

In a world-1st tourism initiative between Tourism Australia & City Of Sydney, a series of 6 short film sequences will be projected onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s 2 79m high concrete pillars.

The clips, each lasting 3.5 minutes, are expected to be watched live by over a million revellers lining the Sydney Harbour foreshore, as well as millions watching across Australia.

The clips, captured with GoPro cameras by Tourism Australia’s social media unit, will provide a taster of the national tourism agency’s latest global campaign, due to be unveiled early in the new year & which will focus on Australia’s world-class aquatic and coastal experiences.

Tourism Australia Global Manager Of Social Media & Content, Jesse Desjardins, said the Sydney Harbour Bridge provided an ideal platform – literally – to showcase inspiring footage of the world’s most beautiful harbour cities to a global audience of millions during one of Australia’s most internationally celebrated nights.

“With the eyes of Australia & the rest of the world firmly fixed upon Sydney Harbour & the Sydney Harbour Bridge this New Year’s Eve, what a great platform to highlight some of the many other fantastic experiences that can be enjoyed in and around the Harbour & beaches of this great city” he said.

The 6 sequences comprise:

  • Sydney From Above – a series of drone sequences featuring Sydney’s most beautiful waterside locations including Palm Beach, Bondi, Bronte, Watson’s Bay, Shark Island & the Royal Botanic Gardens;
  • Beach Lifestyle – featuring shots taken at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach;
  • A Pug’s Life – featuring ‘Mr Biscuit The Pug‘ (104k Instagram followers) & his canine friends playing in the water & enjoying the parks of Rose Bay Beach;
  • Catching Waves – featuring Tiffany Boddey & local surf instructor Shaun Tunnicliffe from Let’s Go Surfing;
  • In For A Dip – featuring Sydney resident Nick Bowden & Tiffany Boddey taking a morning swim at Bondi Beach & the famous Icebergs outdoor swimming pool;
  • Zoo With A View – featuring some of Taronga Zoo’s most famous & popular residents including Munro the Penguin, Marco the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo, Mali the Australian Fur Seal & Koalas.

Mr Desjardins said the flexibility of working with GoPro cameras meant that they had been able to capture great footage very quickly.

“We’re seeing a dramatic increase in the amount of GoPro footage being shared with us through our social media channels. It’s incredible what our fans right across the country are capturing by being at the right place & at the right time” he said.

Sydney New Year’s Eve 2015 – ‘City Of Colour’ celebrators are being invited to submit their own content to Tourism Australia by using #SeeAustralia or the @Australia tag on Instagram or posting on Tourism Australia’s Facebook wall at facebook.com/seeaustralia.

A sneak preview of the 6 clips can be viewed at http://www.australia.com/en/news/2015/december/iconic-sydney-experiences-new-years-eve.html.

Media Release: Tourism Australia

Save The Rings!

It lit up Sydney when the city was at it’s brightest – the 2000 Olympics. For over 14 years, the iconic ‘Olympic Rings’ Bridge Effect, which was switched off in the most dramatic fashion during the Closing Night Harbour Spectacular (see video), has been sitting in a shed nearly 200 kilometres south of Sydney in Goulburn and now it is for auction on eBay for $10,000 minimum – but would this iconic and historic piece of lighting be preserved?

Over the years, there have been proposals to permanently place it in Goulburn as a tourist attraction along the town’s bypass whilst some have also proposed it to be locate at Sydney Olympic Park but none of these have happened. It is apparently in good structural condition but the ropelight no longer works – an upgrade of the ropelight could see it become LED with colours – something the Bridge Effect did not have in 2000 (it was just plain yellow back then). The Bridge Effect could also be programmed to form different patterns and sequences or made interactive too.


It still has potential but with little time left, it is highly likely the ‘Olympic Rings’ Bridge Effect might disappear forever again…for real this time unless someone buys it with intent to preserve it. It has heaps of sporting, cultural, historical and engineering significance and is something the public could enjoy to see for decades. It was switched on for the first time on September 14 2000 when the Olympic Torch Relay arrived at the Sydney Opera House and the Olympic Flame was exchanged between the torches of Pat Rafter and Olivia-Newton John. It then stay lit until  October 1 2000 when it featured in the world record breaking finale of the Closing Night Harbour Spectacular which saw the Olympic Rings ‘explode’ into the night sky. A year later, a section of the ‘Olympic Rings’ Bridge Effect appeared in a local Goulburn parade and has not been seen in use since.

Only 1 Bridge Effect has been placed permanently for the public to view – ‘Fanfare‘ (or colloquially known as the ‘disco ball’) from Sydney NYE2004 – ‘Reflections On Australiana’ is currently being installed in Christchurch, New Zealand as part of a SCAPE Public Art project after being donated by the City Of Sydney. The designer of that Bridge Effect, Neil Dawson, is from Christchurch.

Given the significance of the ‘Olympic Rings’ Bridge Effect and the fact that it is still intact (very rare), it deserves a permanent home so we have set up below a petition to hopefully ensure the ‘Olympic Rings’ Bridge Effect’s survival. Share it on social media – there is very little time!

The description on eBay reads ‘The Rings are massive, in good condition and under cover they could be used for igloo type buildings. Located in Goulburn NSW. Transport can be arranged’.  Bidding closes at 10:18pm AEST 13 May 2015. Hopefully the ‘Olympic Rings’ Bridge Effect has a bright future…


Sign our petition as a way to show your support:

‘Olympics Rings’ Bridge Effect Fast Facts

  • Each ring consists of 4 or 5 separate sections
  • 7 semi-trailers are required to transport it (Each semi-trailer holding 3 sections)
  • 1st time 40 tonnes of metal structure was hung off the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • 8.5 kilometres of iridescent ropelight
  • Face of each ring is 2.1 metres in width/1.8 metres deep
  • Each ring contains 20 ropelight strands
  • 300,000 globes in the ropelight overall
  • Ring diameter is 25 metres
  • Spans 78 metres
  • Powered by 200 amp power supply
  • Designed and built by Kermac Welding and Engineering
  • Lit /electrified by The Wilken Group
  • Lit on the Sydney Harbour Bridge between 14 September and 1 October 2000 for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylons Light Up To Honour Fallen ANZACs

Shown projected on the southern pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge: MILSON, Capt. Stewart. 4th Bn. Australian Inf. Mentioned in Despatches. Killed in action 6th/8th Aug., 1915. Age 28. Gallipoli 7. Lone Pine Cemetery. Son of Arthur James and E. May Milson, of Walaya, Milson’s Point, New South Wales. Native of Queensland. Image: Roads & Maritime Services

Cancelled for today – 21 April 2015

Due to the unsafe and potentially damaging weather conditions, the projections on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylons have been cancelled for today, 21 April 2015.

It is hoped for the program to continue as planned tomorrow, 22 April, at 6pm

To honour the fallen ANZACs for the centenary of the Gallipoli landing, Roads and Maritime Services will showcase a series of poignant images from World War I onto the eastern face of the north and south pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Selected from the archives of the Australian War Memorial and the State Library of NSW, the images help tell the ANZAC story.

Sydneysiders have a unique opportunity to be a part of this special commemoration and pay their respects. Viewing areas will include the Sydney Opera House, Mrs Macquaries’ Point, Dawes Point Park and Bradfield Park in North Sydney.

Viewers will be able to follow the story of each image by visiting the Roads and Maritime Services website on hand-held devices as the images appear on the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons.

The projections will run in 15 minute intervals from 6pm to Midnight between 21st & 27th April 2015 except for the 24th April when it will run all night from 6pm until 6am on 25th April.

Telling The Story: About The Images

The images will feature 6 ANZAC-related themes:

  • Call to War
  • Journey
  • Gallipoli
  • Portraits of ANZACs
  • Support
  • Commemoration

Each image will be supported by information on the Roads and Maritime Services website, providing information for viewers on the history and background of each image.

The Symbolism Of The Poppy Animation

Every projection series will feature a 2 minute animation of poppies ‘falling’ from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons.

By the end of the week’s projections, more than 62,000 poppies will have ‘fallen’ from the pylons, representing each of the 62,000 fallen Australians in World War I.

Additional Information

The project is being funded by Roads and Maritime Services & administered by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Source: Centenary of Anzac commemorations – News & Events – About – Roads and Maritime Services

Sydney Symphony Orchestra Live Projection On The Sails

Audiences across the world will be able to watch the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for the 1st time projected live in concert onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House in a grand salute to Vienna, the world capital of classical music.

Visions Of Vienna, presented by the Vienna Tourist Board, is a multimedia event that will be live-streamed online. It is set to celebrate the importance of music to both cities – Vienna and Sydney – while presenting Vienna’s rich culture of acoustic and visual art.

Footage of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra players performing a classic Viennese program inside the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall will be projected live onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House, with the grand towering figures of the musicians transforming the cultural icon’s western exterior into a moving artwork.

The footage will be accompanied by stunning Viennese imagery inspired by the capital’s striking architecture, the Art Nouveau movement and the works of Austrian secessionist painter Gustav Klimt.

Audiences across the world will be able to view the spectacle unfolding on the sails in a live stream online, filmed from West Circular Quay.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra Managing Director Rory Jeffes said the event would be a chance for the world to see an orchestra like never before and learn more about the ‘City of Music’.

“We’re immensely proud to be joining the Vienna Tourist Board in what will be a celebration of classical music, Viennese art and multimedia excellence,” Mr Jeffes said. “As the world tunes in to watch our players live in action for the 1st time on the sails of the Sydney Opera House, we will be saluting Vienna and it’s contribution to our art form, and giving a friendly wave to our musical counterparts at the many institutions in the Austrian capital.”

Vienna Tourist Board Managing Director Norbert Kettner said the event would be a unique meeting of world-class music and world-class architecture: “It’s hard to imagine anything more impressive than a successful fusion of 2 different artistic disciplines at the very highest level – like we have managed in this case with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra performing the kind of classical masterpieces that Vienna is so famous for and the unique architecture of the Sydney Opera House.”

Visions Of Vienna will begin at approximately 8:30pm AEDT and feature the Sydney Symphony Orchestra performing the 2nd half of Greatest Hits From Vienna, a concert in the spirit of the traditional Viennese New Year’s Day concert. Greatest Hits From Vienna will be led by Vienna-based conductor Ola Rudner and feature Viennese soprano Elisabeth Flechl as soloist in a program of classics, operetta and dance musical favourites by great composers such as Johann Strauss II, Lehar, Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven.

The Vienna Tourist Board invites the public to view Visions Of Vienna from it’s public event area at Campbells Cove in The Rocks. More information can be found at: visions.vienna.info.

Audiences across the world can watch the live stream of the event at: www.sydneysymphony.com and visions.vienna.info.


VISIONS OF VIENNA – Campbells Cove – 8:30pm Wednesday the 4th of February 2015 AEDT

  • FRANCESCO SUPPÉ-DEMELLI  Overture to ‘Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna’
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II Overture to ‘The Bat’
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II Sounds From Home
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II Artist’s Life
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II Egyptian March
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II Greetings, My Lovely Little Nest
  • JOSEF STRAUSS Without A Care! 
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II By the Beautiful Blue Danube

Ola Rudner – Conductor, Elisabeth Flechl – Soprano

GREATEST HITS FROM VIENNA – Sydney Opera House Concert Hall – 8pm Wednesday the 4th of February 2015 AEDT

  • FRANZ SCHUBERT Overture to ‘Rosamunde, Princess of Cyprus
  • JOHANNES MOZART That Ungrateful Soul Betrayed Me
  • LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN The Creatures of Prometheus’ Finale
  • FRANZ LEHAR Love, Thou Heaven On Earth
  • JOHANNES BRAHMS The Hungarian Dances: No. 4 – In F Minor (F Minor For Orchestra): Little Supported – Lively 
  • FRANCESCO SUPPÉ-DEMELLI  Overture to ‘Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna’
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II Overture to ‘The Bat’
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II Sounds From Home
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II Artist’s Life
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II Egyptian March
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II Greetings, My Lovely Little Nest
  • JOSEF STRAUSS Without A Care! 
  • JOHANN STRAUSS II By the Beautiful Blue Danube

Ola Rudner – Conductor, Elisabeth Flechl – Soprano

Bookings through the Sydney Symphony Orchestra box office on 8215 4600 (9am–5pm Monday to Friday) or select your own seat at: www.sydneysymphony.com

Vale Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall was referred to with great fondness as ‘Festival Hall’, a statement of his extraordinary reign, leading Sydney Festival for 18 consecutive years. It was under his guidance that Sydney Festival flourished from a small community celebration to a unique blend of international theatre, music and dance – sitting alongside food festivals, a ferry race and major free outdoor concerts.

It was Hall and his team of event professionals that directed the Special NSW Bicentennial Events including Australia Day ’88. He was also key to the instigation of the world famous Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks on Sydney Harbour.

Stephen showed enormous commitment to local Australian art companies and artists. He made key contributions to the Sydney Writers Festival, Sydney Dance Company and the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra while also programming momentous local theatre such as Bran Nue Dae and Faces In The Street.

Malcolm Moir, Head of Development, Sydney Festival said, “He was a great networker and mentor with great friends from all walks of life including the artists, business leaders and politicians. He will be sorely missed by many. Our thoughts go to his family during this sad time.”

The Festival Of Sydney 1991-1992 Official Programme Image: Sydney Festival
The Festival Of Sydney 1991-1992 Official Programme
Image: Sydney Festival
The Festival Of Sydney 1990-1991 Official Programme Image: Sydney Festival
The Festival Of Sydney 1990-1991 Official Programme
Image: Sydney Festival
The Bicentennial Festival Of Sydney 1988 Official Programme Image: Sydney Festival
The Bicentennial Festival Of Sydney 1988 Official Programme
Image: Sydney Festival
The Festival Of Sydney 1981-1982 Official Programme Image: Sydney Festival
The Festival Of Sydney 1981-1982 Official Programme
Image: Sydney Festival
The Festival Of Sydney 1979-1980 Official Programme Image: Sydney Festival
The Festival Of Sydney 1979-1980 Official Programme
Image: Sydney Festival
The Festival Of Sydney 1976-1977 Official Programme Image: Sydney Festival
The Festival Of Sydney 1976-1977 Official Programme
Image: Sydney Festival

A New Coin That Inspires

The Sydney New Year’s Eve celebrations are well-known all around the world for their stunning fireworks and fascinating Sydney Harbour Bridge Effect. Following the popular holographic Sydney New Year’s Eve 2013 – Shine coin from nearly a year ago, the Royal Australian Mint has once again partnered with the City of Sydney to present and release an exciting coin souvenir: a 2015 $1 Coloured Fine Silver Frosted Uncirculated Coin featuring the official theme of the Sydney New Year’s Eve 2014 celebrations – Inspire. Sydney is a city that inspires people throughout the world to visit and explore its friendly shores. This year’s theme of Inspire is interpreted in colour on this beautiful silver piece, which will be popular with tourists and New Year’s Eve revellers. With a mintage of 5000, this 1/2 an ounce coin with a diameter of 35.89mm is a fantastic souvenir to keep of this year’s event.

Obverse side of the 2015 $1 Coloured Fine Silver Frosted Uncirculated Sydney New Years Eve 2014 - 'Inspire' Coin Image: Royal Australian Mint
Obverse side of the 2015 $1 Coloured Fine Silver Frosted Uncirculated Sydney New Years Eve 2014 – ‘Inspire’ Coin
Image: Royal Australian Mint
Reverse side of the 2015 $1 Coloured Fine Silver Frosted Uncirculated Sydney New Year's Eve 2014 - 'Inspire' Coin Image: Royal Australian Mint
Reverse side of the 2015 $1 Coloured Fine Silver Frosted Uncirculated Sydney New Year’s Eve 2014 – ‘Inspire’ Coin
Image: Royal Australian Mint
Packaging of the 2015 $1 Coloured Fine Silver Frosted Uncirculated Sydney New Years Eve 2014 - 'Inspire' Coin Image: Royal Australian Mint
Packaging of the 2015 $1 Coloured Fine Silver Frosted Uncirculated Sydney New Years Eve 2014 – ‘Inspire’ Coin
Image: Royal Australian Mint

Go to the Royal Australian Mint’s new release section to view and pre-order. Price: $60 (Australia) and $54.55 (International).